I want to help you help yourself.

Surely you’ve heard the old saying:

Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime

I want to teach bloggers to “fish”; I don’t want to do it for them. I want to explain terminology and techniques with as little jargon as possible. There are already many people blogging about how to blog, so my job will be to make other people’s ideas more accessible, as well as share my own.

If you want to start blogging but haven’t yet, what is stopping you? What are the roadblocks in your way? What is confusing or frustrating you?

If you’re already blogging, what would you like to do better? Are there buttons in your software program that you don’t know what they do?

I’d like to help. Send me your questions:

  • “How do I . . .?”
  • “What is a . . .?”
  • “Where should I . . .?”

Don’t worry about the question being basic or obvious. Someone else (maybe my mother!) has the same question, and will benefit from seeing the answer.

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  • howdy do!


  • easydo

    Never used a blog before. How do you keep anonymity? Can your comments be traced to your computer? I don’t want my identity out there for millions to see or use.

  • Judy

    Hi, I love your ‘Cold Climate Gardening’ blog, and so you’ve encouraged me to try to create one of my own.

    Could you please direct me to the best source for choosing the software (i.e., wordpress, blogger) that would suit the needs of a beginner who loves a nice ‘simple yet elegant’ layout with easy application? (Unless you have a recommendation of your own!)

    I will look up the “Wordpress for Dummies” book for starters.

    Thanks for the tips and I look forward to following along on this blog. j.

  • Kathy Purdy

    Judy, I am partial to WordPress, and you can get the same theme that I used as the starting point for my Cold Climate Gardening website, which I consider simple and elegant–at least before it was modified by myself!

    If you check my Lots of Links page, under the Software section, you will find links to software evaluations. Some of them attempt to be even-handed and objective, others are just people sharing their experiences.

    The software where “They Host” will be easier to get started with, no matter which you choose, but will usually have more limited options. For example, you might not have as many themes to choose from, or be limited in what you can put in the sidebar. Many people do not find this to be a problem at all, or, by the time they do, they are ready to do it themselves with their own hosting.