WordPress for Dummies

WordPress for Dummies cover imageJust learned via PhotoMatt that WordPress For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson will go on sale next week. Read the author’s description of what the book covers. If you’re the type who learns well by reading, it sounds like this book will have you well on your way to proficiency with WordPress software.

A quick check at Amazon will reveal other books about WordPress. The only problem is, there is a big lag between when such a book is written and when it is published. And WordPress is continually modified. How much will a book copyrighted in 2006 be applicable to the WordPress version current today? I’d get a year-old book on WordPress out of the library, but I don’t think I’d spend money on it. Sabin-Wilson says that her book includes version 2.3 and the tagging feature that was implemented in that version. So if you’re new to WordPress or find the Codex difficult to slog through, consider this book.

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