Blogger & Podcaster Magazine features Lorelle VanFossen

Image of Blogger and Podcaster magazine October coverOne of my favorite authors on blogging topics, Lorelle VanFossen, has an article in this month’s Blogger & Podcaster magazine entitled Seven Steps to a Better Blog. This is a good introduction to Lorelle’s writing if you’ve never read her before, though if you’ve read her book, the seven steps she outlines will already be familiar to you.

Not familiar to me was the digital magazine, Blogger & Podcaster. Apparently it has been published since April, but this was the first I’d heard of it. To me it seems a bit weighted towards podcasting, but since an electronic subscription was free, I decided to try it. Lorelle says she’s got more articles scheduled to publish there, so I know there will at least be one writer worth reading in the coming months.

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  • Thanks for spreading the word about the magazine. I’m really excited to be a part of it and I’ll do my best to represent the non-media folks. :D

    Podcasting is hot, so there is a lot more about that, as writing for writing is boring, but you know me. I’ll try to jazz things up and cause trouble!