How to choose blogging software

I am partial to WordPress. However, if you check my Lots of Links page, under the Software section you will find links to software evaluations. Some of them attempt to be even-handed and objective, others are just people sharing their experiences.

The software where “They Host” will be easier to get started with, no matter which you choose, but will usually have more limited options. For example, you might not have as many themes to choose from, or be limited in what you can put in the sidebar. Many people do not find this to be a problem at all, or, by the time they do, they are ready to do it themselves with their own hosting.

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  • Good to see this new blog, Kathy, I’ll be following it. My blog is hosted by Typepad ( It was easy to set up and, perhaps even more important, their support service is both helpful and prompt.

  • This is very helpful. I just started blogging a couple of months ago — I chose blogger, I guess because it was attached to google and I didn’t know any better. I’ve found it relatively easy to use, but I am beginning to feel it’s limitations – or is that just how it is with all hosted blogs? My blog feels flat to me, not active enough since I call I can do (or think I can do) is post. Other blogs seem to have alot more going on. Should I think about a different host or is this still a good one for me to be using?


  • Kathy Purdy

    Hi, Graham, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t used Typepad myself, but their blogs always have a neat and professional look to them. Typepad is listed on my Lots of Links page.

  • Kathy Purdy

    Mini, I stopped by your blog. My first reaction was surprise, because judging from the title, I had thought the blog was going to be about minivans, that you were a hobbyist or fan of them. Instead I find a woman thinking deeply about the issues that confront her.

    You have a lot to say, and for that reason alone I would switch to That is also hosted, but it allows you to easily make static pages–they are not date based but available all the time. You could create a page that was a resume of sorts, explaining your career path and present work more fully. Eventually I suspect you will be writing essays on the issues that engage you, and the static page format is ideal for extended writing.

    But the main thing that makes a blog feel flat is lack of comments. How do you get people to comment on your blog? Comment on theirs first. Finding blogs that are addressing the same issues you are, that can be more difficult. Google has a Blog Search, and you can also search on Technorati. A thoughtful dialogue between yourself and other bloggers will eliminate the “talking to the wall” feeling that makes a blog feel flat.