How to Find a Good WordPress Blog Design

Recently I was asked if I knew “anyone who is good at designing a website/blog.” I thought I’d share my thoughts with all my readers.

Good Design for Free

I know of a few designers, but paying someone is not your only option. There are many free designs, called themes, out there for WordPress. Some of these can be found from within the WordPress admin interface, and others can be searched for. The ones that you can access through the admin interface have been screened for viruses and meet certain requirements for functionality, so they are your best bet in the free category. You can often easily customize such themes with header art, also available either free, or for a price.

Good Design for a Price

Then there are pre-made themes that you pay for. These are often called premium themes, and they have more extensive design features built into them, allowing you to change certain elements without knowing much. This site is designed with a premium theme called Thesis. (I am an affiliate for Thesis, so if you buy it from this site I will earn a commission.) Please note that with added features can also come added complexity, and if you want to do something out of the ordinary with your design you may still need help working with a premium theme. Other well known premium themes are WP Remix, iThemes, and Headway.

A Unique Design for a Fee

If it’s very important to you to have a website design that looks like nobody else’s, you’ll want to hire someone to design a theme that perfectly matches your website’s focus. But of course, hiring a designer is almost certainly the most expensive way to get the look you want. The very best way to find a good designer is to check for the designer’s credits at the bottom of a website or blog page that you like. If you’re already attracted to a designer’s work, chances are you will like what they design for you. Here are some designs that have caught my eye:

Melissa Wiley designed by Swank Web Style
Shed Style designed by Cultivate Design
A Way to Garden designed by Kenneth B. Smith

So keep your eyes open. If you find a design that wows you, track down its creator. And remember, you can start writing for your blog now, and change the design later. Don’t let the lack of the perfect look stop you from diving into blogging!

The fact that I found the above designs attractive does not mean I am familiar with the design firms involved. I am not endorsing or recommending them to you as better or worse than any other design firm. They are merely provided as examples.

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