Scribe SEO Plugin Tutorial: Link Building

As I mentioned in the Content Optimizing tutorial of this series, there are three components to the Scribe SEO Plugin, keyword research, content optimizing, and link building. Today I am going to show you how the link building component of the Scribe SEO service works.

External Links

scribe seo plugin optimize before link buildingLink building helps you connect your writing with other content on your website, as well helping you to find good websites to link to, or perhaps comment on, that strongly relate to your content. But you can’t link to content you haven’t created, so you can’t use the Link Builder until you’re written your content and optimized it.
Scribe SEO plugin link buildingAfter you have optimized your content, the Link Building module no longer nags you to analyze your content, but instead looks ready for action. The Link Builder module uses the keywords discovered by the Content Optimizer. When you click the Research button, you’ll see the following screen (click to enlarge): External link building for the Scribe SEO plugin To start link building, you have to 1) click on the drop-down box and choose a keyword, 2) click the Add button and 3) click the Get Topics button. Scribe will then pull up a bunch of sites that rank strongly for your keyword. Tip: If you’re not getting as many on-target hits, try adding a second keyword. On my previous Scribe plugin post, when I just did the link building on the keyword “scribe,” I got websites related to other uses of the word. But when I also added the keyword “plugin,” then almost everything was about the Scribe plugin.

What you do with this list of websites is up to you. If you want to include a list of resources in your post, this will help you find them. You can also easily find out what others have said about your topic. You may just want to go over to one of them and post a comment.

Internal Links

Now let’s take a look at the next tab, Internal Links. You need to go through the same three steps as for External Links, and then you’ll see a screen similar to this: Internal link building with Scribe SEO plugin Scribe found all of my posts with the keyword “daffodil” in them. If you are one of many writers on a group blog, you may not be aware of what other contributors have written, so this will help you reference other content on the same topic from within the ranks. And if you’ve been blogging for a long time, you probably don’t remember everything you’ve written. I’ve been publishing my gardening blog for over eight years, and Scribe definitely reminded me of posts I’d forgotten I’d written. When you link to other blog posts on your website, you introduce new readers to your information, and you strengthen your SEO. You only need to link to one or two of your previous posts, however, and only if they’re truly relevant to your current topic.

Social Media

Finally, take a look at the Social Media tab: Scribe SEO plugin Social media link building I wrote my daffodil post in late October last year, but I didn’t take a screen shot then. In January, there’s not too much talk on Twitter about daffodils. But what if it were April? I might see someone else’s highly ranking post about daffodils tweeted. I could retweet that, which would not directly build up my SEO on my post, but could lead to interactions with the author of the other post. There might be information on Twitter that I would want to incorporate into my post. Or having discovered another post about daffodils via Twitter, I may want to link to it.

How Scribe Can Help You

You probably know of other ways to find external, internal, and social media links. Because it is included with other SEO tools, what the Link Building module brings to the table is convenience. Content optimization is the most difficult to grasp on your own, and Scribe is great for teaching you that.

I have learned a lot from using this plugin, and decided to become an affiliate for the service, so if you decide to subscribe to this service by clicking from my website, I’ll earn a commission. If you are feeling shaky about how well your writing shows up on search engines, this service can give you confidence. Read the refund policy. You have thirty days to try it out risk free. By then you should have a pretty good idea if it’s for you.

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  • Ahh..interesting. I’ve been wondering how Scribe SEO helps the link building parts. I guess they help you to create the list and you still then need to do the work (of course :))

  • Thanks for posting this article. I just started my blog two days ago, and the mixture of Genesis Framework and Scribe has made it easy to get started… I appreciate you taking the time to post this to help newbies like me out. Thanks again!