Scribe SEO Plugin Tutorial: Keyword Research

In previous Scribe tutorials we learned about content optimization and link building, using one of my gardening posts as our example. scribe seo plugin keyword researchToday we’re going to work on keyword research. When I wrote my daffodil post, I didn’t use this module, because I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, and I knew Scribe would let me optimize my writing after it was finished. But what if I sold daffodil bulbs, and was looking for a new angle to draw in new customers and bring back repeat customers? Then the keyword research tool would come in handy.

To use this tool, type your keyword(s) into the box, choose Broad, Phrase, or Exact from the dropdown list, and click the Get Keyword Ideas button. After a few seconds, a list similar to this will pop up (click to enlarge): Scribe SEO plugin keyword research It is a list of words or phrases broadly related to the keyword that people have actually typed into a search engine. From the list you can see that a fair amount of people want to know how to plant daffodils. That could be the basis for a new post, perhaps about planting daffodils in containers. You might also want to use less specific terms such as spring bulbs or bulbs in containers. You will obtain different results when you use the singular instead of the plural form, and you may also want to consider synonyms, such as narcissus, and varietal names, such as ‘February Gold’.

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I have learned a lot from using this plugin, and decided to become an affiliate for the service, so if you decide to subscribe to this service by clicking from my website, I’ll earn a commission. If you are feeling shaky about how well your writing shows up on search engines, this service can give you confidence. Read the refund policy. You have thirty days to try it out risk free. By then you should have a pretty good idea if it’s for you.

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