Lots of Links: the GWA Handout

I developed this handout for the panel discussion on Garden Blogs at the Garden Writers Association (GWA) 2007 Symposium in Oklahoma City, OK. I am reproducing it here, and adding to it as I find new resources.

Blogging Basics


The files for your blog are uploaded to a computer called a server. You rent space on a server, have it included as part of a comprehensive service, or get it for free. If you are going to find your own web hosting, make sure it works with the software you want to use.

Domain Name

You rent the basic name of your website (such as example.com) for a period of time. Most free web hosting doesn’t allow you to have your own domain name.


Your choice of software is limited by whether you are buying web hosting or it is being provided with the software. Most high quality blogging software will enable you to construct a full-featured website, of which the blog is only one component. Comparison:

Other Tools

– that aid in the creation and maintenance of your blog

Get Listed

Get Help

Get Paid?

Be Ethical

Good overview

Check It Out